Friday, 2 November 2012

Live: The Cribs

        If you've only just introduced yourself into the mad world that is Cribs fandom, then welcome to the party, you are well overdue. One of the most unappreciated British bands of the 21st century, the brothers from Wakefield this year released their fifth album to fantastic reviews from the media, with many stating them as 'back to their good, old best'.
        The lads rocked up to the fantastic O2 academy in Leicester and treated their raucous, often insane fans to one heck of a show. Cheetahs, a band made up of Americans and a backing guitarist/vocalist from Leicester opened up the bill, to at this stage, a small crowd, however they impressed with some upbeat, feet-stomping, pure rock n roll. Main support act Mazes were next and despite the odd bit of mysterious behaviour from the frontman, such as him falling backwards and almost knocking himself out on an amp, this band also satisfied an audience, so eager for the main show.
        The moment came and as Kiss' famous ballad, 'God gave rock and roll to you' boomed out, the Jarman's walked out to a wall of noise, most of the fans adoring Ryan, who responded by lobbing a half drunk glass of coke into the crowd. Setting the tone with the simple, punkish 'Come On Be A No-One', one of the bands finest moments, not only from their latest album, but also of their 10 year history. Other crowd-pleasers such as 'Our Bovine Public' and 'We Share the Same Skies' got the tempo in the room at almost maximum level. Then a few songs in, a rather comical version of 'Third Outing' was performed by Ryan. The song, a firm favourite from the debut album had it's first live play in years and evidently so. Ryan improvising for the second half of the song, lyrics and chords simultaneously, bought an ounce of humour to the rocking crowd.

        Song's like 'I'm a Realist' and 'Mirror Kisses' are always likely to get any crowd going, Cribs fans or not. A personal favourite on the night was the superb 'Another Number' a song which possibly has the catchiest riff of all time. If you've never listened to it, take my word, it seriously does. Need I say 'Be Safe', was amazing, the American narration just builds up into a huge ball of anger that is released with the momentous chorus that sent the crowd into raptures, many vocal chords would have been damaged at that point, of that I am fairly certain. After Ryan explained that the Cribs dont do encores, that was probably the signal that this was their encore, 'Hey Scenesters', 'Men's Needs' and 'We Were Aborted', firm fans favourites although disappointing that the band left out the marvellous, head-banging 'Don't You Wanna Be Relevant' after taking it to a crowd vote between that and 'We Were Aborted'. 'The Wrong Way to be', the Cribs most underrated tune and the dramatic 'City of Bugs' concluded precedings, not before drummer Ross preceded to stamp on his drums and Ryan conflicted almost fatal damage to the poor microphone. The more subdued brother, Gary stayed calmer to restore some sense of normality to a room transformed into a world of pure Yorkshire Indie/Punk/Garage Rock, whatever you want to call it. An awesome gig, an awesome set of siblings, an awesome crowd and an awesome night out.


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