Friday, 31 August 2012

Bands You Need To Hear - All The Young

     All The Young are a 4 piece rock band from Stoke. Previously known as New Education they changed their name and their looks and in the mean time, they have produced some exceptional alternative rock anthems. They released an EP in 2011 along with 3 singles, all of which were given recognition on the now non-existent, Q music channel. On 2nd April 2012, the band released their debut album 'Welcome Home' to rave reviews. The 10 track, 50 minute spectacular includes many fantastic, often scintillating tracks. The lead single from the album 'The Horizon' was a great commercial success for the band with it's punchy riffs and meaningful lyrics, which have helped contribute to the video amassing almost 1/4 of a million youtube hits.

    A personal favourite from the album is the exceptional 'The First Time', which has a very 'Definetly Maybe' Oasisey feel about it, fast, easy hearing and it sticks in the mind very quickly. Although the whole album is not like this. The 4th track on the album 'New Education' has a nice, acoustic feel to it with slightly overpowering vocals on it, however this is not a bad thing as lead singer Ryan Dooley, who resembles Madness' Suggs with the shades look, voice being very warming to the ears. The album itself seems to concentrate a lot on production which some critics have seen to be a leading path to have a dig at the Midlands finest new band. However, I believe this only adds to the incredible instrumental and lyrical work that has been put into revealing 10 fine tracks and certainly doesn't deserve to be a criticism. The music doesn't just stop at the 10 album songs though, oh no, this band has produced a couple of smashing b-sides, notably 'Set In Motion' and 'Never Too Late'. The album reached number 32 in the UK album charts, with a bit of luck this is not the limit for this severely under heard band. They are also an incredible band to see live and should be announcing an autumn UK tour imminently.

Tracks to download: The First Time, Another Miracle, The Horizon


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