Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Heartbreaks

      This week The Heartbreaks have released their latest single called Polly. It is at this stage I see as appropriate to review this stunning band from the western reaches of Lancashire in the seaside town of Morecambe.
          The four piece indie band were formed in 2009 consisting of vocalist Matthew Whitehouse, lead guitarist Ryan Wallace, bassist Chris Deakin and drummer Joseph Kondras. With the look of the Smiths and a familiar indie pop sound this band are very easy to listen to and also display a high level of energy in their music, something distinctly lacking in modern British Indie music, take the Vaccines and Spector for example. The band are something of a household name when it comes to supporting more well known bands and you may have caught them supporting Hurts, Carl Barat, the View and Morrissey, who is said to be a very big fan.
        After releasing several EP's the band finally released their debut album Fun Times on May 7th of this year. The album is based around stories of their home town, something that works well in debut albums, as seen famously in the Stereophonics debut album; 'Word Gets Around'. This is embodied in the first verse of the first track on the album Liar, My Dear:  'the rainfall in Morecambe embitters me, it fucks my hair and stings my cheeks'. In the business this would be known as keeping it real. My favourite song on the album is the extremely catchy track Delay, Delay. Fast and enthusiastic this song is very friendly on the ears and the mind and deserves to be the lead single on the album. Many bands have been accused of creating many 'filler' songs for albums, no such problems here, each of the ten songs included on the album are incredibly well written and performed by the band and you get the indication that they know what they're doing when it comes to producing high-quality tunes. And then we come to the latest single Polly. A frustrated local love story, probably, a brilliant song, most definetly. If there was any justice in the world, this band would be huge. But as we know musical talent doesn't get recognised as much this day and age. Had this of been 2002, when the indie music boom occurred, this album would've received a lot more attention. It is the sort of album to restore your pride that excellent bands are still out there when it comes to producing guitar music. For now, I'm sure the people of Morecambe are very proud to have their own hometown band flying the flag for them, as I'm sure the band are vice-versa. The Heartbreaks are definetly a band for the future.

Tracks to download: Polly, Delay Delay, Save Our Souls

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