Thursday, 27 September 2012


       For fans of Vampire Weekend or foals. There's a new band on the bill and they're more local than you thought. Their musical style doesn't reflect a band from the centre of Birmingham. But they are. As a guardian journalist wrote, it's 'as though Wu Lyf's frontman had suddenly hijacked Vampire Weekend'. Alternative is not a label, it's a true fact about this band.

      On the 9th September they released the fantastic extended play named Delicious, funnily enough if this band were a food, delicious would be a good adjective to describe them by. The first of the four tracks on the EP is Ocean's Eye, which involves a gentle verse with the delicate tones from Harrison Koisser being backed up by the industrious instrument playing before launching into the almost ballad like chorus in comparison to the rest of their music. Next comes the remastered Bloodshake, a song that early fans of the band will know as 'Bblood'. Personally I enjoy the tribal sounding drumming in this song, as well as the fascinating lyrics with the main chorus lines of 'We spit blood at the sun, we spit blood in ocean. This song holds a fair bit of emotion in which you can enravell yourself into after a few listens and start to understand the sheer brilliance of what this band are about. California Daze again holds a lot of emotion within vocals, bass and lyrics. This is before it launches into a relaxing, funky sound as the song evolves. ''Forget and forgive there's a place you can live' is a truly spine-tingling line in the context of this masterpiece. Finally 1998 (Delicious), a 9 minute epic, 'an interesting take on a trance classic' says a BBC 6Radio presenter. This classic being Binary Finary's 1998. Now in all lazy honesty, I've only became familiar of this original through Peace, but hey I'm not complaining, not a song to liven you up in the morning, but that's not what this band aim to do. 

      With the decline of any sort of guitar music being in the mainstream in modern culture, something needs to happen. I'm not saying this band are the answer as screaming, brainwashed 12 year old girls will rather listen to specially written pop trash from 5 chino w******. However, this band can be part of a rebellion. Sticking two fingers up to the majority, maybe, just maybe this band can be part of the indie revolution. Give them a listen and see what your mind tells you...

Free Download of California Daze:

Most like: Vampire Weekend, Foals, WU LYF

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